The retail and importing of liquid nicotine is illegal in NSW. However some e-liquids still contain nicotine in them.
Verify Your Vapour is a campaign aimed to raise awareness about where e-liquids are sourced and the negative issues around vaping!


Did you know that in NSW;

– Electronic Cigarettes are not classed as tobacco products.

– The Sale and Supply of electronic cigarettes is legal.

– The Sale and Supply of Nicotine is illegal.

– Importing Nicotine for personal use and possession is illegal. (clause 20 of the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008)

– The use of electronic cigarettes with or without nicotine is legal.

– It is an offence to use e-cigarettes in cars with children under the age of 16 present

– Sale of electronic cigarettes to persons under 18 is illegal

– NSW Police have the power to seize an e-cigarette that is in the possession of a person under the age of 18.


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